Real life examples of LCM and HCF

Can you please provide real life examples of LCM and HCF.

Great question Mick,

LCM -> Least Common Multiple
The smallest number that is completely divisible by a given set of numbers.

Here is an example of traffic light problem that keeps appearing in various exam papers.
Real Life Scenario:
The traffic lights at three different road crossings change after 24 seconds, 30 seconds, and 36 seconds respectively. If they change simultaneously at 8:00 a.m., at what time will they change simultaneously again?

This problem can be easily solved by taking LCM of 24, 30 and 36. The LCM is 360.

HCF -> Highest Common Factor

A mathematical way to divide a larger number into a given set of numbers, ensuring there is no remainder or in other words the mod is zero. Or in simple terms, HCF helps in finding the number that can completely divide more than one number.

Real life scenario
if you have 14 Apples, 21 Oranges and 28 Bananas, the HCF will be 7 because 7 is the highest number that can divide all three fruits without a remainder in every case.

Thanks @akash , the traffic light example is great.

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