AS Level An examination or pass at advanced subsidiary level, representing the first component of an A level qualification. First year studies of A Level. SSAT The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is an admission test administered by The Enrollment Management Association in the United States to students in grades 3–11 to provide a standardized measure that will help professionals in independent or private elementary, middle, and high schools to make decisions regarding student test taking. Source Wikipedia GCSE The General Certificate of Secondary Education ( GCSE ) is an academic qualification, taken in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 13Plus Common Entrance Examinations (commonly known as CE) are taken by independent school pupils in the UK as part of the selective admissions process at age 13 A Level The Advanced Level , universally referred to as an A Level, is a qualification offered by education institutions in the UK . AP Advanced Placement examinations (AP exams) are exams offered in United States by the College Board and are taken each May by students. ACT The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. ISEE The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is an entrance exam used by many independent schools and magnet schools in the United States. IB The International Baccalaureate ( IB ) offers a continuum of international education. SHSAT The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is an examination administered to eighth and ninth grade students residing in New York City and used to determine admission to all but one of the city’s nine Specialized High Schools. Source Wikipedia 11Plus Source: Wikipedia, The eleven-plus (11-plus) is an examination administered to some students in England and Northern Ireland in their last year of primary education, which governs admission to grammar schools and other secondary schools which use academic selection. The name derives from the age group for secondary entry: 11–12 years.
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